Sunday, February 18, 2018


Pastor Alex Duff
ool Headmaster
As we begin another school year, I find the testimony of our teachers encouraging.  I asked our teachers how they would answer the question, “Why should I send my child to Saint Luke?” The following is how they responded.  I hope you sense the heart and commitment our teachers have toward Christian education and their students.  They are a great testimony to the academic excellence that Saint Luke provides for children throughout the grades and the unique opportunity that Saint Luke has to affect children.   Saint Luke is about building a foundation for life by shaping the whole child in a nurturing environment centered in the message and love of Christ.  Enjoy the words shared below, and thank God that this church has made a commitment to Lutheran Education.

Mrs. Laura Fischer
Preschool Teach
Saint Luke is an academically sound school with a strong curriculum from 3 yr. old preschool through 8th grade. We have small class sizes enabling each student to have individual teacher attention.  The education is Christ centered, focusing on the whole child: emotionally, spiritually, and academically.

Mrs. Kirsten Schnabel
Pre-Kindergarten Teach
At Saint Luke we have highly dedicated, qualified, and certified teachers who go above and beyond to meet each child’s well being – socially, academically, and, most importantly, spiritually.  Saint Luke is a place to know and grow in Christ’s love.   Our teachers reflect that love throughout the day in the entire curriculum, as well as in the hugs if feelings are hurt or if a child is scared or lonely.  We are also blessed to have extras such as music, art and computers in our curriculum.  When you come to Saint Luke, you are a part of a family.  Not just a part of a classroom family, but a whole Christ-centered school.

Mrs. Karen Peters
Kindergarten Teach
Whenever someone asks me, “Why should I send my child to Saint Luke?,” I reply, “Why wouldn’t you send your child to Saint Luke?”   I chose to teach at Saint Luke because every day I can encourage children to grow and learn, not only academically, but spiritually, and emotionally.  It is also the reason I sent my own daughter (preschool – 8th grade) to Saint Luke.  Saint Luke had her well prepared for high school and she is now a sophomore in college.   We are a family at Saint Luke working together to share the love of Christ.  I feel our staff goes above and beyond to meet the goals and needs of each student to challenge them and nurture them in their daily life.

Mrs. Mary Vogel
3rd and 4th grade Teach
The atmosphere at The Lutheran School of Saint Luke is filled with Christ’s love and reflected in our children’s faces.  Just walk the halls and see the classrooms, and it is evident that this is a school that loves Jesus and tells students, “You can do great things here.”  My three children attended Saint Luke and even had Mrs. Peters and Mr. Britton as their teachers.  Now my oldest is off to Concordia University – a Lutheran college – which he chose after having a solid Christian foundation from Saint Luke.  What a joy it is to know the Holy Spirit has guided me to serve families sharing knowledge of God’s creation and salvation to their precious children!

Mrs. Patti Fagalde
Alumni: 1979
5th an 6th Grade Teach
We have a very small teacher to student ratio which gives us the ability to give individual attention to all of our students whenever necessary.  Academically, our students do well in high school.  In fact a majority of our students qualify for honors classes.  We work to develop the whole student by teaching Christ’s love and forgiveness in all that we do.  We are a family who takes pride in helping each other and every student.  I was a student at Saint Luke and am now back home as a teacher!