Saturday, June 24, 2017


Mrs. Vogel’s 3rd/4th Grade Newsletter

Dates for your calendar:

05/23 – 3/4 walking to Wendy’s for lunch with Pen Pals (send extra money as needed)

05/26 – Non-uniform day

05/29 – Memorial Day – no school – Thank you to all who have served our military!

05/31 – K-8 Afternoon picnic and Field Day (non-uniform) bring super soakers!

06/01 – Last day of school K-8 11:45 dismissal, 7 PM graduation receive final report cards

06/02 – Summer break – see you in August

Thursday – Memory Test

[Jesus said,] “These things I command you, so that you will love one another.”  ~ John 15:17

Reading – Lesson 30

3rd grade – “Saving Buster”; and Scholastic Reader

4th grade –  “Mystery at Reed’s Pond”; and Scholastic Reader

Spelling – test on Friday – practice words everyday (challenge words worth one extra point each)

3rd grade – below, about, belong, around, again, alone, because, above, between, alive, behind, begin, along, before, awhile, beyond

4th grade – meant, routine, style, flood, month, pleasant, guess, women, either, against, disguise, sweat, magazine, guard, receive, wonder, league, type, ceiling, money, plaid, onion, guarantee, rhyme, submarine

3rd grade Math – Ch. 17 – Time and Temperature – test 5/25

4th grade Math – Ch. 16 – Measurement, Time, and Temperature – test 5/23; Ch. 17 – Data and Graphs

S.S. – Unit 5 – People in Communities – Ch. 10 – Cultures Around the World – test 5/30

Science – Unit B – Earth Science – Ch. 9 – Natural Resources – test 5/26


Prayer:  As a school and staff, we’ve been talking a lot about prayer (Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield); teaching the kids to pray for you, each other, and our school daily.  We pray for you in our class devotions, staff devotions and when specific things come up.  When situations arise good or bad in your life and you would like prayer, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help.  We also ask that you pray for our school, teachers and pastor with your children.  Prayer is very powerful, and God hears and answers all our prayers.