Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mission & History


“To connect children, families and our community to Christ in a nurturing environment focused on academic excellence.”



The Lutheran School of Saint Luke dates back to 1885 when the State of Illinois granted a charter for a district school of Zion Lutheran Church in Itasca.  Saint Luke will begin its 125th school year in the fall of 2010. 

Over the last 125 years, Saint Luke School has grown from its original location in downtown Itasca to its current location on Rush Street.  Instruction in Saint Luke’s current facility began in 1962.  The first Saint Luke junior kindergarten class started in 1970 followed by the Christian Day Care program, making Saint Luke a pioneer in early childhood education. 

Year over year, Saint Luke graduates have excelled academically in their future endeavors, high school and beyond.  Many Saint Luke graduates place into honors classes, advance onto college and make their mark on the world through their faith, values and character. 

Saint Luke is part of the Northern Illinois District of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and is one of nearly 2,500 Lutheran Schools within the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  Approximately 270,912 children are enrolled in these schools, which are staffed by more than 20,000 teachers and administrators. The majority of these educators have received their educational training in Lutheran colleges. 

The pursuit of excellence in a Christ-centered environment has marked Saint Luke over the decades, a solid platform on which to construct the next chapters in Saint Luke’s history.


♦  Lead children to know Jesus as their Savior and nurture the faith they possess.
♦  Develop the concept of the family, as instituted by God, for the purpose of strengthening the very basis of society.
♦  Develop personal responsibility.
♦  Nurture the desire to lead a life of service to God and man.
♦  Develop a healthy self-concept and respect for others.
♦  Teach the basic skills necessary to function and contribute to society.
♦  Encourage a strong desire for learning.
♦  Provide exposure and an appreciation of the arts.
♦  Develop a technologically literate student.


The philosophy of The Lutheran School of Saint Luke, a ministry arm of The Lutheran Church of Saint Luke, is to provide a Christian education which has the two-fold goal of teaching and developing the Christian faith along with offering high quality academic learning opportunities.  

The Lutheran School of Saint Luke believes that parents are the primary Christian educators of their children and that the most effective influence in a child’s life can be realized when the church, home and school work together.  We are vitally concerned with all the needs of the child:  spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social-emotional.  We believe that Christian education deliberately and systematically influences the learner toward the Christian view of life and toward the Biblical truth that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of all people (John 3:16, John 14:6).  All instruction is therefore consciously Christ-centered and Bible-based.

 The Lutheran School of Saint Luke firmly believes that this philosophy will assist in the development of a child who is equipped to function in and offer a Christian witness to society.