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The Lutheran School of Saint Luke offers a Christ-centered curriculum from Pre-School through 8th grade with full recognition by the State of Illinois and accreditation through the National Lutheran School Association.  Our teaching staff provides nurturing instruction allowing each child to realize their God-given gifts.

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The Lutheran School of Saint Luke is a Christian school.  This means that Christ is the heart of all that we do.  We strive to put Christ’s love into practice, and demonstrate Christian ideals to everyone with whom we come into contact.  The Gospel message that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of all people is first and foremost.  Christianity is not just something we teach in a Religion class, but it is the principle that permeates our curriculum, our discipline, our activities, even our policies and procedures.

Because Saint Luke is a Lutheran School, operated and supported by the Lutheran Church of Saint Luke, our religion materials are produced by Concordia Publishing House, the publishing arm of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  We place a strong emphasis on our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We identify and discuss similarities and differences in the various Christian denominations.  Our goal is help students develop in their spiritual life, and to realize that salvation is a free gift, which comes through faith in Jesus Christ.  Overall, slightly less than 50% of our students are Lutheran.

Saint Luke uses the Houghton Mifflin (Math Central) book at 5th grade and below.  In the middle school grades, textbooks from the Pearson Education Group are used.  The regular 6th and 7th grade Math classes use a Pre-Algebra readiness strand, which gives students the foundation they need to be successful in Pre-Algebra and Algebra.  7th grades students are placed in the Math class that corresponds to their ability level and achievement.  If a student is placed in the Pre-Algebra class in 7th grade, they are then able to take Algebra I in 8th grade, which allows them to enter high school at an advanced level. 

 The goal of mathematics at St. Luke is to challenge each student without frustrating them.  The program focuses on mechanics as well as methodology.  Problem solving skills are incorporated throughout all levels of the program.  The intent is to provide an environment that will allow students at all levels of achievement and ability to be successful.  The success of St. Luke’s math instruction is demonstrated both by achievement test scores and math class placement in high school.  The majority of our students score above the 80th percentile in math and many of our students are placed into accelerated math programs in high school.

The purpose of social science education, as stated by the National Council for Social Science is to “help students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.”  Our instruction at all levels is intended to give students an appreciation of their past, and an understanding of the global diversity of the world today, by studying the content areas of history, geography, government, and economics.

The term “Language Arts” incorporates several individual subjects.  Although English grammar, Reading or Literature, and Spelling are the subjects taught that comprise this category, Language  Arts is far more comprehensive than just these subjects.  Within the context of these classes, emphasis is placed on all the components which constitute the use of language. Since the purpose of language is to communicate, reading comprehension, written expression, speaking and listening skills, and decoding skills are all important elements of this process.

While traditional instruction is utilized in the areas of grammar and spelling, Saint Luke uses a variety of methods to enhance students’ reading skills.  Students are read to by adults in a variety of settings (library, classroom instruction, etc.).  Younger children read with older children (reading buddies), and students also use the Accelerated Reader program, a computer-based individualized program which also assesses their reading ability.  For those students who need extra instruction in reading, we also have a program in which students work with one of our teachers in small groups of 1-3 students and utilize the Read Naturally program.

All students at Saint Luke receive music and art instruction once a week. 

Music Program:

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Art Program:
The goal of our art program is to help children see the world in a more beautiful, creative and colorful way; to see beauty in the simplest of forms in this world in which our Architect, the great Artist created for us to live.

A sample of our projects include:
     – Creating art projects in remembrance of 9-11 (All grades)
     – Learning how to draw one-point perspective drawings (7th & 8th Grades)
     – Carving and painting pumpkins (4th-8th Grades)
     – Making Advent banners (1st Grade)
     – Exploring different types of lines and shapes (All Grades)
     – Exploring color and how different colors are created (All Grades)
     – Making rice krispie treat snowman sculptures (1st Grade)
     – Learning about artists such as Mondrian, Picasso, and Magritte (2nd-8th Grades)

The focus of our Science program is to inspire students to be curious about the world which God has created.  To achieve this, we attempt to assist students in acquiring the skills necessary to become logical problem-solvers, work cooperatively in groups, and to be able to use both traditional and modern resources to find answers to their questions.

 The Science curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of all areas of science.  The concept of the scientific method is taught in a variety of ways throughout the curriculum.  Traditional textbook and teacher-directed learning is enhanced through videos, hands-on activities, group work, demonstrations, and Science Fair projects (every other year).

At present, there are approximately 20 computers in the computer lab.  This lab is in the same room as our school library, which allows students to use the computers not only for classroom projects and Internet research, but also for locating books in the library.  Each class receives computer instruction every week.  A variety of topics are taught in computer class – keyboarding skills, word processing, spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, and Internet research.  In addition, teachers will also take students into the lab when working on various projects.  Each classroom also has computers that are utilized in a variety of ways to enhance instruction and practice in the academic core subject areas (e.g., Accelerated Reader).

In addition, Saint Luke has a website so visitors can obtain information about the church.  Included on the website are teacher web pages which provide information regarding upcoming events, tests, projects, and other information for students and their parents.  In addition, our teachers communicate with their students’ families through e-mail.  We also have a school newsletter that is sent out twice a month through e-mail.

There are a variety of trips that happen through the course of the school year to supplement and enhance classroom learning.  During the 5th or 6th grade year, students have a week of outdoor education.  Typically, students leave on Monday morning and return Friday afternoon.  The 8th grade takes a class trip in the spring of the year to Washington, D.C.  All grades take numerous one-day or partial-day educational trips to museums, nature centers, and other points of interest in our area.

Saint Luke’s physical education program is for all students.  All classes, Pre-School through 8th grade are scheduled for gym class throughout the week.  These classes stress physical conditioning, as well as activities designed to improve coordination and skills in a variety of sports.  In addition, Saint Luke also has an extra-curricular athletics program.  Sports available are as follows:

Fall:                 Volleyball (both boys and girls); Cross Country;
Winter:            7-8 Basketball, 5-6 Basketball (both boys and girls); Cheerleading;
Spring:             Track

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For more information on our Day School, please contact us directly at 630.773.0509.