Thursday, January 18, 2018

Registration Information

Saint Luke Christian Care requires registration for each child that is a part of our program.  Registration for the School Year and our Summer Camp program are taken separately.  Below you will find information on registering your child in our program.  For copies of the forms required to register, click here.

2017 – 2018 Academic Year


In order for your child to enroll into our program, the following forms and necessary fees must be received upon registration.

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Medical Form completed by your child’s physician (State of IL DHS Certificate of Child Health Examination Form IL 444-4737, R-01-12)
  • IL Dept. of Public Health Proof of School Dental Examination Form IOCI 0600-10 (entering Kind. & up)
  • Registration Forms including Emergency Contact Information, Healthy History, Signed Authorization/Release Form, Signed Discipline Policy, and Attendance Schedule.
  • Registration Fees paid in full.
  • Two weeks of tuition fees paid in full.



The Board of Education approves all fee structures relative to Christian Care programs.  An accident insurance fee in the amount of $15.00 per child is required at the time of enrollment.  The Lutheran Church and School of Saint Luke carries accident insurance on all children in Christian Care.  However, the insurance is “secondary coverage”.  That means that the coverage is in effect for those costs that your primary insurance does not pay.

Payment/Collection Policy

Tuition payments are due one week in advance on Monday.  Therefore, payment for the following week is due the Monday prior. Christian Care reserves the right to suspend services for consistent failure to comply with our Payment/Collection Policy. We require our families to sign up for Rapid Tuition and have payments automatically taken from checking or credit card accounts.  We do not accept cash.

Non-Compliance Fee

Consistent failure to comply with our payment Payment/Collection policy will result in a penalty of up to 10% of your open balance, which will be applied to your account.

Late Payment Fee

A $25.00 Late Payment Fee will be applied to delinquent accounts with an open balance for 30 days or longer.

Late Pick Up Penalty

Families arriving for pick up after the 6:00 pm closing time will be assessed a $10 late fee per child for any portion of the first ten minutes and a $1.00 per minute for each additional minute.

Non-sufficient Funds

A $25.00 NSF fee will be applied to accounts for the first returned check, $50.00 for the second returned check, and $75.00 for the third returned check.  No checks will be accepted after three non-sufficient checks.  Subsequent payments must be paid by certified check, money order or cash.

Unscheduled Attendance / Drop In Rate 

If your child attends on an unscheduled day, you will be billed a “Drop In” daily rate of $10 per child.  A 2-week written notice is required of any schedule changes.

Refund Policy

All registration fees are non-refundable.  There will be no refunds or credits given for absences on days your child is scheduled to attend.  A two-week written notice is required for any schedule changes.  Advance attendance fee credits or refunds will be given only if two week’s advance notice, stating your child’s termination date, is received in writing by the director.

Attendance Policy 
Your child’s schedule is required upon registration. Any changes to this schedule must be submitted in writing at least two weeks in advance. Parents are asked to utilizing the “Change of Days Form” for temporary schedule change pertaining to a specific week or a “Permanent Change of Schedule Form” if your child’s schedule will permanently change moving forward.
Your child’s attendance is expected each scheduled day. Credits are not issued for sick days / unscheduled absences. Please call the center at (630) 773 – 3838 if your child will not be in attendance due to illness. State and county health regulations require us to maintain complete attendance records, stating reasons for absence. When you call, please state the nature of the illness if your child is ill or personal reasons if you will be away for the day.
You will be billed based upon your submitted schedule(s). You will be assessed a $10 drop-in fee per day, per child, in addition to your scheduled rate if your child attends on a day not previously scheduled. This drop-in fee also applies to those who do not provide a written schedule at least two weeks in advance.