Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why Saint Luke?

At the Lutheran Church and School of Saint Luke, we reach out with courage and love to connect people to Christ.  In all that we do, we want you to know that there is a place for you in our family.

A Message of Hope

We want to share the Good News with you that through the unconditional love of a crucified and resurrected Christ, all who believe are forgiven and will live eternally.  Faith is a gift, just like God’s love.  Through faith in Jesus we receive forgiveness and eternal life.  This message of hope is a timeless message that the Lutheran Church and School of Saint Luke will continue to build its future on.

Nurturing Ministry

Saint Luke offers a variety of ministries to nurture your faith and give glory to God.  Music programs, youth programs, day school and day care programs, human care ministries and many others.  Our various ministries build relationships and foster fellowship.

Loving Outreach

At Saint Luke, outreach locally, domestically and internationally is our highest priority to share and proclaim the love and joy we have in our Savior.  We aspire to leave a lasting impression on our community as we witness through involvement in local servant events, inner-city congregation aid, national and international mission trips and the support of world-wide mission organizations.

There is a place for you at Saint Luke. Please contact us directly so we can get to know you and introduce ourselves.

In His Name,

Pastor McReynolds, Senior Pastor