Thursday, January 18, 2018

Church Council

Our Church Council is made up of Saint Luke members who are committed to the mission of Saint Luke.  If you have an interest in being involved in congregational leadership, please contact one of our Pastors directly.

Job description for the various offices and board positions of Saint Luke.

  • Jerry Snick, Congregational President
  • Stephen Durante, Vice President
  • Dale Allor, Secretary
  • Robert Dohse, Treasurer
  • John Binneboese, Finance Committee Chairperson
  • Vacant, Evangelism Chairperson
  • Vacant, Social Ministry Chairperson
  • Gwen Liska, Parish Ministry Chairperson
  • Vacant, Board of Trustees Chairperson
  • Karen Zdeb, Stewardship Board Chairperson
  • Nathan Baylor, Board of Education Chairperson
  • Andy Larson, Board of Elders Chairperson

The Elders of Saint Luke

  • Frank Fiore
  • Brian Fuller
  • Matt Hatfield
  • Andy Larson
  • Jim Livesay
  • John Meyn
  • Mark Phillips
  • Randall Pyde
  • Randy Rapshus
  • Richard Storck
  • Mark Vogel

Our Elders would love to hear from you, please contact us at