Monday, December 18, 2017

A One-on-One Learning Environment


Spiritually Enriching and Academically Challenging  – our learning environment gives every child the opportunity to realize their God-given gifts.


Saint Luke Lutheran School and Church is an extended part of our immediate family; we are blessed to have them in our lives.  The entire school staff, as well as the other families that go to Saint Luke keep a close eye on my children, for that I am forever thankful.  Every morning I drop off my children I know they will be safe, which is such a relief for me.  I used to be very stressed about leaving my children and then I found…Saint Luke!  My children are far from just a “number” at Saint Luke, they are just another one of God’s children blessed with this wonderful experience.  I am so grateful everyday for this home away from home!” ~ Saint Luke Parent


“I believe a Christian education helps provide a firm foundation for a lifetime relationship with the Lord.  Dedicated teachers, Pastors and Christian Care workers surround my child with a secure and loving environment in which to grow.  I trust that my child will mature both his faith and trust in Jesus Christ as his Savior and as a healthy loving person in the world.”  ~ Saint Luke Parent


“Saint Luke prepared me for high school and beyond not only by giving me a great education, but by building my faith and confidence in God and the talents He has given me, that made me who I am today.”  ~ Saint Luke Graduate

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